Temporary Closure from 9 July 2020

Namaste Friends

As you likely know Melbourne has gone back into restrictions which prohibit us from providing our usual services.
We look forward to re-opening when the government restrictions have eased.

Please keep hold of your bring your pre-covid19 yoga passes to assist us in honouring the full duration you have paid for when we return.

Additionally, please visit www.asmy.tv for free online Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation sessions from our teachers from around Australia, with new classes added regularly.

This can be a time of reflection and we would like to direct you to our websites when you can still immerse yourself in kirtan and talks on yoga wisdom with our wonderful teachers.

wisdom.yoga & acharyadas.com

Feel free to contact us if you have any queries.
Thanks for your understanding
Jiva Krishna das & Rupa das