Gauranga Moon Festival


Music, Dance, Kirtan, Sacred Storytelling, Vegetarian Feast.
Join us in celebrating the wonderful festival of Gaura Purnima this month at Gokula House. Gaura Purnima celebrates the extraordinary origins of the kirtan movement which got started in a big way in India over 500 years ago.

On an evening in 1486, just before sunset, a lunar eclipse shrouded the rising moon. Everyone everywhere gathered in the holy rivers to immerse themselves in the sacred waters and began loudly singing the Divine Name. At this auspicious moment when the entire atmosphere resounded with sacred sound, a transcendental personality—Sri Gauranga—the Golden Moon, took his birth in the town of Mayapur. From the time of his birth he revelled in the happiness of divine sound and throughout his life caused hundreds of thousands to also taste the same sweetness. Since that time, Sri Gauranga’s movement of joyous singing, ecstatic dance and spiritual love has swept the globe.

Come and immerse yourself in the very same joy of spiritual sound here at Gokula House and let the music set you free!

Gokula House Meditation & Yoga Centre
Saturday 7th March 2020
From 6pm